Arts in Education

Arts in Education Programs 2005-06

Each year, Allied Arts of Greater Chattanooga distributes over $270,000 in grant funds to over 31,000 students for arts activities and hands-on experiences.  Last year, 70 schools in the Hamilton County Department of Education received funding from Allied Arts. Allied Arts strives to develop arts in education programs that support learning in the arts and enhance overall student achievement.

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Arts Education Grant Programs

Student Ticket Subsidy

Student Ticket Subsidies enable students in public schools of the Southeast Tennessee Development District to attend cultural field trips or to invite performing groups and outreach programs to their schools.  Funding for this program comes from the state legislature, administered by the Tennessee Arts Commission, and Allied Arts. Additional funds serve schools in North Georgia.

Application Guidelines and Form

Artist in Residence (AIR)

Through AIR, Allied Arts provides grants to bring artists into Hamilton County public schools. Resident artists work in partnership with the classroom teacher to produce an educational experience for students, which is both intellectually challenging and creatively stimulating, and to assist students to meet Fine Arts Standards and are connected to the classroom curriculum.

Application Guidelines and Form

Allied Arts School Program

The goal of the Allied Arts School Program is to enable schools to design, refine, and implement a school-wide plan to provide students with basic skills, appreciation, and understandings of the arts. Fourteen Hamilton County Department of Education elementary schools will participate in the program during the 2005-2006 school year.

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Application Guidelines and Form

The 2005-06 Allied Arts Schools:

Allen Elementary
Barger Fine Arts Academy
Battle Academy
Clifton Hills Elementary
Chattanooga School for Arts and Sciences
Daisy Elementary
Donaldson Elementary
East Ridge Elementary
McBrien Elementary
Normal Park Museum Magnet
Ooltewah Elementary
Rivermont Elementary
Thrasher Elementary

Wallace A. Smith Elementary

Wolftever Elementary

Arts Education Services


ArtsDirect is a reference guide to the cultural resources in Hamilton County. It is available free of charge upon request and is widely distributed to schools.  ArtsDirect is a guide to arts and humanities-related experiences outside the classroom, as well as a gateway to in-class enrichment options.

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