The article “The trouble with the term art” by Carolyn Dean substantiates the essence of the concept “art” and researches its deep sense. According to Dean, art is a special category of things and practices. In the simplest sense, art is the ability of a person to realize something beautiful and get aesthetic pleasure from such objects. Art is a kind of subsystem of the spiritual sphere of life, which is a creative reproduction of reality in artistic images. It is a unique skill that can delight the public. Real art always makes a person kinder, stronger, and wiser. With invaluable knowledge and experience gathered over many generations and now available in a receptive form, a person has the opportunity to develop and improve . The article researches the history of art and its evolution. In worldwide art, it is accepted to allocate some epochs of its development. Each of them inherited something from their ancestors, added something of their own, and left it to their descendants. From century to century, art took on an increasingly complex form. Of course, such knowledge is obligatory for every person; therefore, students, when studying general sciences, should investigate this topic. One of the ways to do it is by writing “The trouble with the term art” essay. Such awareness is the basis of comprehensive human development.

The guide on how to write “The trouble with the term art” essay?

If you want to get a good writing work, the following algorithm of actions for essay writer is obligatory:

Step 1. Think about the content.

Before writing an essay, consider its structure and content. The easiest way to do this is to ask yourself a few questions about the topic. Formulation of answers to them will help in writing the main part. Try to determine the style of your future story at once.

Step 2. Write an essay.

In the first paragraph, formulate the main idea of ​​your future story. Try to attract attention that reads something fascinating. 2, 3, and 4 main paragraph part. Give arguments to prove your main point. The main thing is that it was appropriate. In the final paragraph, reinforce the main idea put forward first, and connect it with the introduction and the main part.

Step 3. Check your essay.

Check the structure of your work: is there a logical connection between the paragraphs? Check if the essay is written in the same style. Take away everything superfluous; the story should be short and concise. Don’t be afraid to rewrite the essay over and over again.

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