Being An Arts Advocate

How You Can Become an Arts Advocate

Love the arts? Want to see the arts continually funded? Don’t know how you can help? Well, it’s easy!! You can become an advocate for the arts without lobbying in front of the state or federal legislature. How? There are two simple ways.

First purchase a specialty arts (or Tennessee Titans) license plate. All funds raised are directed to the Tennessee Arts Commission and are redirected by to the arts community in the form of grants. Allied Arts and several of the local arts organizations in Chattanooga are recipients of these grants. For additional information on the Tennessee Arts Commission and the specialty license plate program, visit the TAC website at and scroll down to the license plate on the left hand side of the screen.

The second is by joining Tennesseans for the Arts. Tennesseans for the Arts is the official state advocacy organization. For as little as a $25 individual membership, you can be part of an organization that stands tall in its relentless support of the arts in Tennessee. To find out more about Tennesseans for the Arts, visit their

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